With the Olympics over I went about getting back in shape and had a great race in Nice with my French team Poissy coming 4th and helping team poissy to win the overall prize. Mum, Dad auntie Geraldine and cousin Aisling came to cheer and it was a fab way to kick start the return.

Onto Yokohama and I was in happy to exit the water at the front, but an awesome race it wasn’t. 14th wasn’t too bad either.

I decided to go home in between (something I regretted) and was to finish my year in Hong Kong and Auckland, with the plan to do a wee race en-route to the big one. Unfortunately I came down with something and had to pull out of the HK race hoping to get better in time for Auckland.

I was still coughing up green stuff but I thought id give it a go. Again I swam well exiting 2nd and was safely in the front pack. The bike pack was lined out with the corners/ climbs and down-hills. The gremlins got the better of me, telling me I was still sick and I got dropped from the front pack and the second pack passed by shortly after. The snots were tripping me, but I continued on my own until I was so embarrassed with the shame of getting dropped twice. I pulled off to the side when I seen davy and coughed up my lungs and cried a fair bit.

I soon cheered up and davy and I drown our sorrows in the vineyards of Waiheke Island, getting married on the beach without telling anyone at home. Maybe racing as Aileen Reid will change things a bit?

Il admit I have strengths and weaknesses like everyone else but I hope to address them next year! As I said to someone recently, ‘I know I can be good sometimes, so if I can be good more often that would help’.

It was still my best ever year, I competing in the Olympics for Ireland, I came 2nd in the World Tri Series in Madrid, 2nd in Ishagaki World Cup, 2 great races for my French team, and was ranked 7th at one stage, even wearing the no1 hat in Hamburg.

I’m hopefully there’s a good platform for next year, and I have some exciting news shortly on that front!

Sun, November 18, 2012