Dear Meg (& the Harrison family)

I miss you guys & Canberra too.

Going to the race in Auckland was exciting, and I managed to pull off a good swim, so I was pretty happy with that. I think all that swimming in lake Burley Griffen paid off as I can finally translate being a good swimmer into being a good open water swimmer, and being able to handle bubbles at last. It put me in a good position in the front pack and I tried to use my energy wisely like coachdaz has taught me. That would be thanks to all the cornering sessions with the D-squad at the bike park. I felt good on the 24 hills too, which might be thanks to Stromlo hill reps. My run was as good as I could expect at this time of year, and hopefully that will improve a wee bit too.

I didn’t get a chance to visit Waiheke Island again, but I did ride to Mission Bay to meet Sandy, who was the lovely lady that married Davy and I there less than 6 months ago. Racing as Mrs Reid was really nice too, loads of people I haven’t seen yet saying congrats. I heard Barrie Shepley the commentator gave me mentions in the swim on triathlonlive. So I was proud to do the Reid family name proud.

Im glad you were able to hook up the computer to the tv, that sounds like it was awesome place to watch the race! I hope you had popcorn. Don’t forget the San Diego race is 330pm local time you can watch it with your season pass too!

So I arrived in Sedona a few days ago, for the next part of our training and racing. The pool here is awesome, and trails along the valleys below the red rock cliffs are so much fun to run on. The drivers here don’t love cyclists either though, so it is a bit scary at times.
Thu, April 11, 2013