I arrived in Canberra on Sunday. The 35 hour journey wasn’t too bad. My new family & new coach met me at the airport. My new family are lovely. Mum & Dad- Leanne & Grant do triathlon. Thomas 16, Matthew 12, and Meg 7 are sporty too. Meg made some pink ‘Welcome Aileen’ bunting for my arrival, and she likes me to plait her hair. Thomas is working as a swimming instructor this summer, so I have been giving him tips from my instructor days. Matthew helped me look up some scooters to get about, but we discovered I’d need to sit a test even for a 50cc. So instead he helped me find an electric bike. My new electric bike is red and I took it on its first spin to town today. I’ve named it Betsy. She’s not very fast but it saves my legs for all the hard stuff my new coach is giving me.

My new family live in a beautiful house close to the bike path and Lake Burley Griffen. I’ve now cycled round the lake a few times, ran on the path, and even swam a 5k session in it. The temperature is 25degrees so it is a lot warmer than Camlough. Training is going well so far but a lot of things are very different from my last coach, so I’ve had to make some changes and get used to things I don’t like. I’ve also learned so much in one week about things Id never think of. It is also fabulous to train with the best triathletes in the world, and see how much effort, desire and dedication they have. I have no doubt they will all be on podiums this year.

I am missing home a little, the Lisburn swimmers, the bun-runners, and the guys in SINI.

Hi to all.



Sun, January 13, 2013