From 2013 to 2015 I was ranked in the top
10 in the world. And stood on a few podiums. So it might seem strange that I
changed things up in 2016. But I wanted more, I thought I was capable of more.
So I went for it. Training at home was a great set up for me. But I got sick
and missed out on the training I needed to be doing to be at my best. I
‘participated in’ a bunch of races, not at my best, in preparation for Rio. And
gave Rio everything I had. 21st was good. But still I wanted more. I
wanted to show what I could do, so I put the head down for Grand final in Cozumel
and hurt my back a week before the race.

Running in the big olympics.

I think people expected me to call it a
day; why because I’m old? Because I’m a woman, and I should have children?
Because I’ve had my go? Sorry folks, I’m a professional athlete and I can’t
just turn it off, its who I am. The desire to train hard, compete, be the best
I can be. Inevitably, there are hard times when the going gets tough and motivation wavers. But honestly I returned to training in October hungrier than
ever. With all the (many) lessons from injury and illness I was careful to
return to training. Having made the move to the Gold Coast with my husband,
training was ‘too easy’; glorious weather/ 50m pools everywhere/ grass tracks/
training groups all over the place. Everyone I met was a triathlete too! Moffy
introduced me to both her swim and run group. Swimming at Miami with Denis
Cotterell’s squad and running with Jackson Elliott. I rode with a group on
weekends and pushed outside my comfort zone doing a few Crit races. Having the
time of my life and feeling like the fitness was coming together. I raced a
local Gatorade series double super sprint and got my mind back into racing
mode. With eyes on starting in Abu Dhabi I trained hard.

Moneghetti- ing with Moffy & Jacko’s group.

I’ve had my fair share of injuries and
niggles, like any athlete racing at world level for 10 years. But I’ve never
had a stress fracture, and to my memory I’d never really had sore shins. So I
went to a physio. He told me he could fix them and to train away. I thought I’d
better de-load a bit anyway and so I ran on grass and reduced the volume. After
multiple visits to physio and de-loading they weren’t much better, I wasn’t in
any pain whilst actually running, but I knew they weren’t right. So I stopped
running and used the X-trainer a bit. They got worse! A scan showed signs of a
very minor stress reaction in one shin, but the two of them were giving me
bother standing/ walking/ driving/ swimming! The mind boggles at the body’s
ability to do peculiar things.

So that’s where I am. Taking a bit of a
de-load, watching Abu Dhabi from the sofa. Awesome. I guess I’ll just remind myself, 2013 started with a injection in my knee. 2014 started with an injection in my lower back. 2016 started with 3months of antibiotics. Just never give up, no matter how much “you gotta be frecking kidding me” life throws at you. I guess it’s going to be
another year where I get better as I go along!